Communal institution “Kirovohrad Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute named after Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi” (hereinafter – the Institute) was established on December 27, 1939.

The Institute is an establishment of post-graduate pedagogical education for persons with higher education, whose qualification improvement is required by law, it carries out specialized improvement of education and professional training of individuals by deepening, expanding and updating their professional knowledge, abilities and skills on the basis of previously acquired educational and qualification level and practical experience

The founder is the Kirovohrad Regional Council.

The direct management of the Institute’s activities is carried out by the head.

Location – legal address: Velyka Perspektyvna str, 39/63, Kropyvnytskyi, Kirovohrad Region, Ukraine, 25006.


The main methodological and methodical guideline in achieving the goal is the idea of an integral approach to the personality of the individuals of the educational process.

The basic principle of the educational activity of the Institute is the principle of innovative development, which is implemented in the following aspects:

– development of the system of continuous pedagogical education (content, means, technologies);

– professional development of employees of the education system of the region (staff of the educational institution, pedagogical, managerial and methodological personnel of the region);

– promotion of socio-economic development of the region by means of education;

– formation of the European educational, cultural and information space of the region.

The directions mentioned above can be implemented through a system of basic values, particularly such as: professionalism; patriotism; morality.


The main goal of the Institute’s activity is to carry out specialized improvement of education and professional training of pedagogical workers in the Kirovohrad region by deepening, expanding and updating their professional knowledge, abilities and skills and increasing the efficiency of the use of jointly owned property in the field of pedagogical education.

The Institute’s main areas of activity are: professional development; internship; scientific research work; scientific and methodical work; monitoring studies of the quality of education; organizational, scientific-methodological and informational support of external independent assessment in the region; cultural and educational, publishing; international cooperation in the field of education; organization of exhibitions, fairs.


The main objectives of the Institute are:

1) scientific work, systematicity, humanization, democratization, unity, complexity, differentiation, integration, continuity of educational activity;

2) implementation of a mobile system of postgraduate education taking into account the individual needs and capabilities of each person;

3) compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine and state education standards;

4) ensuring safe conditions for conducting educational activities;

5) fulfillment of contractual obligations with other subjects of educational, industrial, scientific activity and citizens, including under international agreements;

6) implementation of educational activities with the aim of ensuring the improvement of the qualifications of teaching staff of preschool, general secondary and out-of-school education institutions, professional (vocational and technical) education, professional pre-higher education;

7) ensuring the optimal periodicity and terms of professional development of managerial and pedagogical personnel, taking into account the established procedure for their attestation;

8) conducting scientific and pedagogical research, developing and implementing innovative pedagogical technologies in the practice of educational institutions;

9) methodological support of the educational process in the institutions of preschool, general secondary, extracurricular education, professional (vocational and technical), professional pre-higher education in the region;

10) coordination of activities and provision of scientific and methodological assistance to centers of professional development of pedagogical workers of inclusive resource centers of the region;

11) analysis, generalization and spreading of promising pedagogical experience and pedagogical innovations;

12) compliance with financial discipline and preservation of state and communal property;

13) social protection of participants of the educational process.


2017 – gold medal in the nomination “Innovations in the implementation of the distance learning system in educational practice”;

2018 – silver medal in the nomination “Scientific-methodological support for the training of teaching staff for the implementation of inclusive education”

2020 – gold medal in the nomination “Innovations in the continuous development of the professional competence of pedagogical workers”;

2021 – gold medal in the nomination “Psychological support of educational reforms in the activities of the psychological service”;

2021 – gold medal in the nomination “Science and mathematics education in the context of the New State Standard of Basic Secondary Education: from knowledge to competences”;

2022 – a gold medal in the nomination “Innovations in the national-patriotic education of education seekers”.

In 2021, based on the results of participation in the exhibition, the institute was awarded the honorary title “LEADER OF INNOVATIONS IN EDUCATION” in the direction: implementation of innovations in the functioning and improvement of the system of internal assurance of the quality of educational activities and the quality of higher, undergraduate and postgraduate education.